Ronnie Owens, Senior Pastor

Higher Ground Baptist Church 

Kingsport, Tennessee

Praise the Lord! I'm excited to recommend one of the finest evangelists I've had the privilege to have for a revival, Sam Moore. He is a great preacher of the Word. In every service he gives a clear and plain invitation. Many people were saved in each service. He is very easy to work with. You will love Sam Moore.

Rob McLane, Pastor

New Hope Baptist Church 

Elmer, Louisiana


I am so glad to recommend Bro. Sam Moore to any church or Pastor. You will not be disappointed. He will help you! He came to our church this past year for revival services. Souls were saved and we concluded the week with baptism of new believers. I baptized three straight Sundays after he left. Pastor, he will be a blessing to you and a friend. My folks love Bro. Sam. We look forward to his return next year.

Gary McDevitt, Pastor 
First Baptist Church Prue, Oklahoma

Bro Sam is a great and gifted evangelist! He is sold out to evangelism both ministerially and personally. I’ve seen him in action both personally and in the pulpit. He takes seriously his call to witness personally, and operates as a gifted evangelist in the pulpit. He preached the Word if God, not stories with a Scripture tacked on. He is genuine in every sense of the Word snd never manipulates his listeners. We’ve had him come multiple times to FBC Prue, OK. He is also a great friend to pastors. Love him dearly and definitely recommend him to your church! 

Dr. Tommy Synder, Senior Pastor

First Baptist Church 
Batesville, Mississippi  


It is with great joy that I recommend Bro. Sam Moore to my Pastor Brethren. Bro. Sam is a vocational evangelist that has the touch of God upon his life. Pastors are looking for men who will preach the simple gospel, in a straightforward message, with a loving spirit. Bro. Sam emulates those qualities in his ministry and his message. Bro. Sam preached at our “Wild Game Supper” on Saturday night and then preached a Sunday - Wednesday revival. We saw 40 people saved through the supper and revival! Our people fell in love with him and we will definitely have him back. 

Dr. Jim Erwin, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Washburn, Missouri 


Are you looking for a man called by God to share the Gospel? Are you looking for an effective Evangelist who can help a church bring people to Christ? Are you looking to grow your church through evangelism? I want to recommend to you Bro Sam Moore. I have known him for the past five years. I have watched his successful Evangelism ministry grow. 

Recently, we had a revival at our church with Bro. Sam preaching. We used his preparation materials to get ready for the Revival. We had 15 Salvations and 13 baptisms during the Revival, along with more to baptize the following Sunday! 

This was the most successful Evangelistic event we ever had. God really used Bro. Sam to draw people to their need for salvation and baptism. Sam's messages were simple, yet powerful and effective. 

I encourage you to contact my Friend Sam for your next revival. God has used him effectively and I would highly recommend him.


Dr. Jerry Spencer
President, Jerry Spencer Ministries


I heartily recommend evangelist Sam Moore. In addition to being a loving family man, Sam has the eight key qualities of a HARVEST EVANGELIST. 

He is called of God. He is a man of personal integrity. He is annointed by the Holy Spirit. He is an active personal soul winner. The fruit of the Spirit is evident in his daily walk with Christ. He loves the local church and ministers under the leadership of the pastor.

He is a powerful preacher of God’s Word. When he lovingly extends the invitation, under the control of the Holy Spirit, souls are saved. When you have Sam Moore in your church, God will do a work in the hearts of your people, the lost will be converted, and CHRIST will be GLORIFIED! 


Brian Ray, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Robeline, Louisiana


Bro. Sam Moore has preached a revival for us every year since 2010. God has moved mightily moved in every meeting with many coming to Christ. The first revival meeting which was scheduled for 4 days was extended to 13 days and resulted in over 60 people saved! Sam definitely  is a God – called evangelist and has the gift to reap. He is a pastors friend, brother and mentor.  I highly recommend that you utilize Sam for your next revival meeting.



Rob Grimm, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Southwest City, Missouri 


In my thirty-eight years of pastoral ministry, Sam Moore is the most effective evangelist I have ever known. Bro. Sam did a Sun-Wed Revival for us at First Baptist Church, Southwest City, Mo in September 2012 and we had forty professions of faith! He preaches the Word of God, is sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and doesn’t use manipulative tactics to get decisions. Sam is a man of integrity, ministering to any church regardless of size. I look forward to having him back at our church again and would highly recommend him to any Pastor or church that is ready to see God move in a supernatural way!



Junior Hill, Evangelist
Hartselle, Alabama 


In a day when full-time evangelists are rapidly disappearing from our churches, 
Sam Moore is like a fresh breath of air.  He is a man willing to go to any church, preach the Word faithfully, love and honor the pastor, and leave good impressions behind him.  I love Sam and am so impressed with his warm and unassuming spirit.  I want to encourage churches to use this precious man.  
He will be a real blessing to your church.


Terry Gentry, Jr., Senior Pastor
Olive Point Baptist Church
Preston, Missouri


Bro. Sam Moore is a God called, gifted evangelist. I have used him on many occasions and God has always blessed. He will build up the Pastor, encourage & challenge the church, and preach to the lost.

When Sam preaches people respond, many have come to know Jesus as Savior in the revivals he has preached for us. I highly recommend Sam for your revival, crusade, or rally. Be prepared for God to move in hearts!

Randy Conn, Pastor

First Baptist Church
Delta, Missouri


Sam is a man of God, called and ordained to be an evangelist. I have used local pastors in the past for revivals with little or no success. Sam is a Spirit filled evangelist that clearly proclaims the gospel message with power. Sam has a desire to see lost souls saved and become a part of the kingdom of God. With Sam we had revival not just a series of messages. We baptized every night seeing 16 saved and 13 baptized. I recommend Sam for those that are seeking real revival in their church and community.

Matt Goodsell, Pastor

First Baptist Church

Ashland, Missouri


If you desire to invite a true evangelist with the God given gift, then look no further than Sam Moore!

Michael E. Goforth, Senior Pastor 

Sardis Baptist Church 

Boaz, Alabama 


I would like to recommend Bro. Sam Moore to you. We recently had him in revival and we had a great meeting! This man is a great evangelist and truly has the call and gift of evangelism. He is the pastors friend and he loves the local church. ​