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Now scheduling for 2023

Revivals, Crusades, Harvest Days, and Evangelism Training.

Note: All open dates are set for a Sunday-Wednesday format. 

We can alter these dates and go longer or shorter if you desire.




1- “Beast Feast” FBC Prue, OK Pastor Gary McDevitt

28 - “Beast Feast” Wild Game Sportsman Event. Rocky Branch Baptist Church. Rogers, AR Pastor Dick Kelsey

4 - Associational Evangelism Training FBC Morgan City, LA 

5-8 - FBC Morgan City, LA Pastor Tracy Smith

11 - "Wild Game Supper / Sportsman Event” FBC Walnut Ridge, AR Sponsored By Black River Baptist Association

13-22 - Israel Trip 


March 8-12 - Evangelist Training, Billy Graham Library, Charlotte, NC 


March 19-22 - Ashland Baptist Church, Coushatta, LA

Pastor Danny Slack

26-29 - FBC Bloomberg, TX Pastor George Thomas

2-5 - Tri-Cities Baptist Association Revival. (5 churches) Nixa, MO Director of Missions, Phillip Shufford

9-16 - FBC Robeline, LA Pastor Brian Ray

23-26 - Clearfork Baptist Church. Rockfield, KY Pastor, Chad Bewley


April 30- May 3  Rolling Hills Baptist Church. Harrison, AR  Pastor, Jamey James.

7-10 - Shiloh Baptist Church. Robertsville, MO Dr. Lane Allen, Pastor

21-24 - Hodge Baptist Church. Hodge, LA Dr. Keith Thomas, Pastor

4-7 - Honeywell Baptist Church. Honeywell, MO Charles Grubb, Pastor

3-11 - Malawi, Africa Crusade


23-27 - Doctors Fork Baptist Church. Perryville, KY Pastor John David Lane

4-6 - Halley Baptist Church. Dermott, AR Pastor James Kendig

19 - “Wild Game Supper Event” Lakeshore Baptist Church Monroe, LA Pastor William Smith

20 - “Harvest Day” Lakeshore Baptist Church Monroe, LA  Pastor William Smith


27-30 - Back to the Future Prophecy Conference.”  FBC Robeline, LA  Pastor, Brian Ray. - Rescheduled for Nov. 26-29.

9 - Evangelism Training. Martin Baptist Church. Coushatta, LA Dr. Richard Kauffman, Pastor

10 - Martin Baptist Church. Coushatta, LA. Dr. Richard Kauffman, Pastor

11 - Social Springs Baptist Church. Ringgold,
LA  Pastor, James Hester

12 - Liberty Baptist Church. Coushatta, LA Pastor, Harry Bamburg

13 - Social Springs Baptist Church. Ringgold, LA Pastor, James Hester

17-20 - FBC Benton, LA Pastor, Robert Beadle

24-29 -“Crusade” Rocky Branch Baptist Church. Rogers, AR Pastor, Dick Kelsey

1-4 - FBC Ashflat, AR Pastor Lynn Raby

8-11 - Antioch Baptist Church. Mount Airy, GA, Pastor, Chris Webb 


12 - Mens & Boys Wild Game Supper. Antioch Baptist Church. Mount Airy, GA Pastor, Chris Webb

15-18 - Stella Baptist Church. Stella, MO  Pastor, Joe Brattin

22-25 - FBC Viola, AR  Pastor, Craig Golden

29 - “Harvest Day.” Ozark Baptist Church. Bergman, AR Pastor, Daniel Clement


12-15 -  Forest Grove Baptist Church. Pleasant Hill, MO Pastor, Sam Anderson


17-19 - Word of Life Baptist Church. New Salem, ND Pastor, Gaylen Lennick


19(PM)-21 - FBC Manden, ND Pastor, Tim Butler.


26-29 - Back to the Future Prophecy Conference.”  FBC Robeline, LA Pastor, Brian Ray.

Not Scheduling / Family Break 


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